Reliability Testing

IJ R&D Center is a specialized reliability testing facility producing high quality results for high customer satisfaction.

HOMEReliability Testing

Reliability Testing

What is Reliability Testing?

Reliability Tests are tests administered to evaluate the sustainability of products under various environmental conditions during a period of time, to ensure products can sufficiently perform reliably under such conditions.
IJ R&D Center not only has automotive electronics expertise, but also specialized technical knowledge specifically for reliability testing of electrical components with many years of experience in the industry.

Reliability Test Classifications and Equipment


As an internationally accredited testing facility, IJ R&D Center performs reliability testing classified under three main classifications: Environmental Testing, Mechanical Testing, Electrical Testing. All three classifications are conducted in separate designated laboratories with the appropriate testing equipment


Our testing equipment include Rapid Thermo-Hygrostat, general Thermo-Hygrostat, Three-zone Thermal Shock Chamber (damper type), Two-zone Elevator Type Thermal Shock Chamber, Salt Spray Test Chamber, Power Test Chamber, Button Endurance Tester, and triaxial composite vibration tester. We are currently working towards expanding our reliability testing capabilities with equipment for waterproof, battery, solar power, LED, accelerated life testing, and electromagnetic wave testing.